EMF Wellness

EMF Wellness

EMF Wellness

(Electrical Magnetic Frequencies)
There are many wonderful benefits of electronic devices from computers to cell phones, tablets & more.
It might seem like we are living in a golden age of technology, but with the positives come the negatives, and the need for EMF Protection.  EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies, they are radio or microwaves that put out strong electronic signals that can interfere with our bodies normal biorhythms.  
It is important to have protection from these harmful electronic waves, and easy to do, with a little knowledge we can use them wisely & add protective devices to our home & office electronics.  
Some common side effects are trouble sleeping, headaches, anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases & even cancer.
My personal journey with EMF pollution started 5 years ago. I started having severe anxiety, waking up continually through the night, loss of appetite & more emotional than normal.
I found out that I was being adversely affected by the smart meter on the outside of my home.  It sends about 10,000 electrical signals a day and can have an effect on those that are sensitive to these waves or frequencies.
I have spent the last 5 years researching and experimenting with how to solve & shield myself  & my family from this & other sources of electrical pollution.
Let me help you do the same, we can Clean Up the Dirty Electricity in your home, from your electronic devices & cell phones.  
I feel better, my home is safer & I can sleep well at night.
Cell Phones 
light fixtures
Smart meters
Electrical outlets etc.

EMF  Frequency Readings

This is an energy reading for the electrical pollution in your places & spaces.  I will bring my testing meter & we will look for electrical pollution in your home, office, bedroom & living areas.

Including the inside & outside of your home.

The unseen polluted dirty electricity can affect your mood, health, sleep, relationships & your ability to focus & think clearly.

The good news is that we can filter most objects & areas that are causing the electrical pollution very easily and affordably with filters.

I will have filters for your cell phones, computers, microwaves, electrical outlets, smart meters etc.

You decide what you want to be filtered & start enjoying cleaner environment right away.

  • More peaceful environments
  • Better sleep at night
  • Less stress, anxiety & depression
  • Headache & tension relief
  • Clearer thinking & improved ability to focus
  • Calmer, grounded & balanced kids

$250 personal visit plus filters if needed
$125 Virtual Consultation Call

Call or Text today for your Meter Readings & Consultation:
Sherry 435-313-8478

Email: sorensons1@yahoo.com
or Text/Call: 435-313-8478

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