What I offer: 

* EMF Filters & Protectors
* Shungite Stones
* Hemp Oil
* Full Spectrum Lighting
*Raw Cacao Chocolate
* Butterfly Express Oils 


EMF Filters and Protection

EMF Filters & Protectors

Dirty electricity is erratic spikes and surges of electrical energy traveling along power lines and building wiring where only standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity should be. Also called electrical noise, line noise, and power line EMI, it is one fast-growing source of electro-pollution in homes, schools, and businesses today.

Common Sources of Dirty Electricity

* Light dimmer switches * Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes *Computers and laptops
 * Printers and scanners * Televisions * Music Entertainment Systems
* Video game systems * Cordless phone systems * SMART meters and appliances

* Wi-Fi routers and modems * Battery charging devices for cell phones, tablets, etc.
* Microwave Ovens * Blenders and mixers * Hair Dryers * Multi-Speed Fans
* Solar power systems


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Shungite StonesShungite Stones

Shungite healing stones help with detoxifying and purifying your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative energies or anything that is health hazardous to the body. They infuse your aura with light, allowing only positive and beneficial energies to reach your body.

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Hemp Oil 

Hemp Oil

I felt the clouds lift & my mind clear. It’s like someone turned on the lights in my brain! I had relief, at last, & it was very noticeable! As I have continued to take the CBD OIL twice a day, 🌟My mind has become clear! 🌟My emotions balanced! 🌟I sleep significantly better! 🌟I feel very happy, motivated, creative, energetic & focused! 🌟My productivity has gone up at work! My Sales are up! 🌟I’m more calm & relaxed. 🌟I don’t get stressed over the little things like I use to! 🌟I’m more social, outgoing & friendly! 🌟I have 5x more energy, spark & get up & go! The list goes on……I never want to be without this “Joy Juice”, it has given me back my life!

My husband says, “Prime Hemp Oil has given me back my wife.”

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Full Spectrum lighting

Full Spectrum Lighting

(Full spectrum oxygen-rich lighting) 
PURE-LIGHT makes the world a better safer place, it’s not a simple lightbulb it is a miniaturized air purification system that shines. Get rid of the old bulb technology, upgrade to the future; safer,  cleaner,  fresher air through PURE-LIGHT lightbulbs are available at wholesale pricing. 
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Raw Cacao Chocolate

Raw Cacao Chocolate 

I recently met an amazing person named Nikko who introduced me to Cacao meditations. He supplied me with some of the richest, rarest, most healing medicinal cacao. I did the recommended meditations and cacao ceremony, that he taught me for 7 days in a row. To say that this life-changing, is an understatement; I felt more inspired, my thinking was clearer, I felt more creative, I felt more in touch with my higher self and spirit,  my brain chemistry was absolutely fantastic, depression and anxiety went away.

Please contact me for this rare divine-sourced cacao,  to have a cacao meditation, or to buy Nikko’s book.

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Butterfly Express Oils 

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