“I reached a Premier today in my essential oils business!!!  Abundance and prosperity are flowing in to my husband’s work as well!  Thank-you so much for your Feng Shui help!”
De in Utah


“Sherry expertly assessed our master bedroom with positive, welcomed changes to my husband and I! We improved our relationship corner, got rid of a few items and purchased a king bedroom set. What a great feeling, with openness and ease these few changes made. Thank You Feng Shui Sherry!!”
Desert Dove Health Alliance
Chandler, AZ


“You’re house looks so inviting & refreshing”


Chiropractic Office

“This place has changed, it feels magical! Things are more organized, lighter & brighter”
Brent Wade Coaching


Impressive Talent & Skills

“The level of service with Feng Shui Sherry…. is fantastic! Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by Sherry’s talent, intuition & creativity! Thanks for all the uplifting improvements to my home~

Rachael N.
Reno, NV


Sherry Brightens our Home!

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find reliable help that you can trust. Feng Shui Sherry! was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the ideas she suggested really turned things around for my struggling business! I highly recommend her services!

Leah S.
Delhi, CA


Chiropractic Business Grows

I went from seeing a dozen or so patients a day, to 20-40 a day after Sherry did Feng Shui arranging in my office.  Patients just started calling and booking appointments out of the woodwork~ We arranged some pictures, furniture and painted! She helps you see things from a new perspective & in a new light and the changes we made were easy, quick and affordable.  

Scott V. DC
St George, Utah


Our weight loss clinic was struggling!  

We were a new business with very few clients.  We worked with sherry over several months and saw explosive growth in sales and repeat business.  

Our 2nd month in business we did $2,000 in sales…  Sherry joined us in our 3rd month & took sales to $48,000 by our 5th month.  

She just has a sixth sense for knowing how to help businesses flourish and grow~ She helped us design our fliers, handouts, bring profitable products on board, create package deals, advertisements, pricing, business hours, products to carry n more!  

Dr. Diet
St George, Utah


Our “Relax The Back” Style Store..

Our business was in a slump for many years with very little growth.  

Sherry showed us how to arrange the furniture, set up displays, sell from our customers perspective, use comfort language when talking to our customers & arrange our showroom floors for easier visibility & product arrangement.

She showed us how to display our products, brochures, website & advertisements to ask for the sale & create a call to action.

Within 9 months our sales almost tripled. She trained our sales people & staff new ways to close sales & add items to every purchase.

We will always be grateful for her inspiring ideas & big changes she brought to our company.

The Ultimate Back Store
 Folsom, CA


Sherry Jumpstarts Wellness clinic

I was working alone & struggling for 5 years as a wellness physician.  Renting office space from various health practitioners.  

 I was commuting to different locations, stressed, overworked & money was so tight I couldn’t hire an office assistant. Sherry did Feng Shui to my office space to help attract more customers & helped add profitable products & services to my wellness clinic.

 Sherry showed me how I could easily afford office help, work less hours, take 1-2 days off a week and double my income ~ Which I did in 9 months.  I now have a very well known & profitable wellness center with a full support staff.

It was an easy transition and my income still continues to grow~

The Wellness Studio
N. California


Here’s a little testimonial on what Feng Shui has done for me!!

Since  Sherry helped me Feng Shui my home I have been a much happier, contented person!!  I have felt more peaceful as well.  Whenever I enter any of the rooms in my home, it never fails to bring a smile to my face or a warm feeling to my heart.  Sherry’s help with Feng Shui has also helped me to discover me on a much deeper level then I have ever felt possible!!  

I see (ME) in my surroundings and they reflect and celebrate me and my best qualities!  Which for me is a brand new experience and one for which I am very grateful and joyful about.  Sherry has a unique talent for helping each client or friend find what best fits them and their needs…on all levels.  Be it physical, financial, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual.  

I believe that Feng Shui has a way of integrating all of those aspects into one harmonious whole!   

I would highly recommend Sherry Sorenson for any and all of your Feng Shui-ing needs!  And even if you don’t think you want or need ti…You might be surprised and what Sherry can do to help you move forward on your chosen lifepath!!   

She’s certainly been invaluable in mine and I thank her for that!!
Suzie T 
Washington, Utah


I thought I liked where everything was.  

I was hesitant to call Sherry because I wasn’t sure I wanted to change anything in my house. I thought I liked where everything was.  

When I was ready, I called. She came over, and I loved her sense of knowing where the stuck energy & imbalances were in my home, and her knowledge of exactly what my home was calling for!  After being out of work for 10 months, a company called me “out of the blue” and asked me to come interview.  Within 2 more days, the job offer came, and I am happily employed! 

I was offered a company car, company phone, company computer, company wardrobe, full-time job with benefits & commissions.  I didn’t even apply for this job.  It is a miracle. Sherry’s Feng Shui harmonized the prosperity corner of my home & shift happened.  Her work is remarkable & gets results.

I am so thankful for this, and for how fresh, new & uplifting my home feels. 

St George Utah



I Re-Arranged my office as we discussed in my Feng Shui consultation….and I now LOVE going into my office…. I really didn’t like going in there before…..now It’s great!!!!!

THANK YOU……I feel other things shifting in the area of  “helpful people” in my life….more helpful people are coming into my life….C U Soon…



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