Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is related to the placement of objects & things in your spaces & places.  For example the placement of furniture, pictures, objects, clutter, storage, decorations, and supplies.

These items interact with your own personal energy to create harm or harmony. These can affect your mood, energy, health, relationships & finances.

Our Feng Shui visit together will enhance every area of your life.  We will look at the main areas that you live or work in & create a more harmonious, uplifting, organized atmosphere for you to work & dwell in.  You can feel the shift & improvements from the very first visit.

In your 90 min Session: 

I will create a personalized reading of your home or office.

I will use my skilled Feng Shui tools to offer helpful solutions to greatly enhance any area of your home or office. You will see & feel improvements right away.

Enjoy A Feng Shui
Interior Alignment Session!

A Feng Shui interior alignment session can improve your finances, relationships, career, health and more!  


One unemployed client attracted the perfect job within 2 weeks of balancing the money corner in her house after no job offers for 10 months. 


One client improved her struggling relationship after changing the pictures on the wall of her bedroom & adding new colors to the room.


Another client got a new job offer, doubling her income within the first 10 days of moving her bed to face a different direction, adding new colors & clearing clutter in her money corner.


One depressed client improved her mood and health by moving her bedroom and office to a different part of the house and de-cluttering her space. 

People, places & things all have energy!
We are profoundly affected by the energy of everything in our space! 
    See how your energy can be enhanced today & uplift all areas of your life!

Email: sorensons1@yahoo.com
or Text/Call: 435-313-8478

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