Mind Body Balance


Mind Body Balance

Mind Body Balance Personal Coaching Sessions

Enjoy the relief from a 10-point tuneup. Where We muscle test to check for your
top priorities needed to restore your energy & balance.

IPT Process Sessions

Experience new levels of mental & emotional balance!

1-hour sessions address emotional clearing, Generational repatterning, heart & mind healing, forgiveness & closure!
Bringing relief to many of the daily struggles in life!

May improve communication, relationships, career satisfaction, health issues, family & generational patterns, mental health & personal happinesses.

  • Brain balancing
  • Detoxing, nutritional needs, allergies & supplement identification through muscle testing
  • Exercise priorities
  • Emotional clearing
  • Aura enhancement
  • Chakra balancing

Great for:

Sleep issues Pain relief Anxious & nervous tendencies Grief processing Generational healing
Emf symptom relief And more.

Call or Text to schedule a session today:
Sherry 435-313-8478

Email: sorensons1@yahoo.com
or Text/Call: 435-313-8478

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