What I Offer: 

* Professional Organizing for Home & Office
*Feng Shui Me
* Feng Shui Consultations
* EMF Wellness (Electrical Magnetic Frequencies)
*  Virtual Mentoring to Jumpstart your wellness business


Professional Organizing

Let’s get your space decluttered & organized.

  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Closets
  • Living room
  • Garage
  • Cluttered drawers

It is so uplifting to have organized closets, drawers, cupboards & cabinets.

Let me help you with these chores. It’s fun, easy & simple to do. I can do the job for you, or we can work together side by side.

Initial consultation: $65 then hourly $35 per hour plus supplies if needed

We will design a plan for your project. You will have a quote for the job & an outline for getting the project completed. You can leave it all to me, or we can work side by side & I can simplify the process of organizing with you.

Call Sherry today: 435-313-8478

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Feng Shui Me

Feng Shui Me

Feng Shui Me Personal coaching Sessions

Enjoy the relief from a 10 point tuneup. Where We muscle test to check for your
top priorities needed to restore your energy & balance.


  • brain balancing,
  • nutrition needs & priorities,
  • physical restoration,
  • emotional clearing,
  • aura enhancement,
  • etc

Great for:

Sleep issues Pain relief Anxious & nervous tendencies Grief processing Generational healing
Emf symptom relief And more.

Call or Text to schedule a visit today:
Sherry 435-313-8478

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is related to the placement of objects & things in your spaces & places.  For example the placement of furniture, pictures, objects, clutter, storage, decorations, supplies.

These items interact with your own personal energy to create harm or harmony. These can affect your mood, energy, health, relationships & finances.

Our Feng Shui visit together will enhance every area of your life.  We will look at the main areas that you live or work in & create a more harmonious, uplifting, organized atmosphere for you to work & dwell in.  You can feel the shift & improvements from the very first visit.

$250 Personal visit
$125 Virtual consultation
90 min Session

Call or Text to schedule a visit today:
Sherry 435-313-8478

I will create a personalized reading of your home or office.

I will use my skilled Feng Shui tools to offer helpful solutions to greatly enhance any area of your home or office. You will see & feel improvements right away.

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EMF Wellness

EMF Wellness

(Electrical Magnetic Frequencies)

This is an energy reading for electrical pollution in your places & spaces.  I will bring my testing meter & we will look for electrical pollution in your home, office, bedroom & living areas.

Including the inside & outside of your home.

The unseen polluted dirty electricity can affect your mood, health, sleep, relationships & your ability to focus & think clearly.

The good news is that we can filter most objects & areas that are causing the electrical pollution very easily and affordably with filters.

I will have filters for your cell phones, computers, microwaves, electrical outlets, smart meters etc.

You decide what you want to be filtered & start enjoying cleaner environment right away.

  • More peaceful environments
  • Better sleep at night
  • Less stress, anxiety & depression
  • Headache & tension relief
  • Clearer thinking & improved ability to focus
  • Calmer, grounded & balanced kids

Call or text today for your meter readings & consultation:
Sherry 435-313-8478

$250 personal visit plus filters if needed
$125 Virtual Consultation

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Sherry has a 6th sense for helping businesses flourish and grow. Her intuition and spirit-guided channeling will help you take your business to the next level. Sherry has been assisting health practitioners and wellness businesses increase their profits, attract more customers, design their marketing, and grow their businesses for over 30 years. 
Call today for your Virtual Mentoring:
90 – minute sessions $125
Call or Text: Sherry 435-313-8478
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